Angist are a female-fronted old
school death metal band from Iceland! That line on its own should be
enough to intrigue you. Angist combine an insane level of brutality,
accentuated by strong dual guitar leads, very strong vocals from
vocalist Edda, and consistently strong drumming. It must also be said
that this is one of the few death metal releases I’ve listened to where
the bass has been so strong and mixed so well that sometimes I’ve
actually been able to listen along that instead of, say, the guitars, so
props to Haraldur for that.

It’s a really strong debut EP. If you’re looking for really brutal death
metal, with an interesting vocal twist, that actually has a keen sense
of melody throughout, look no further. There are some killer riffs, a
very atmospheric, dark sound, and five well-constructed tracks here. I
asked the band on Twitter and they’re heading into the studio next week
to record their first full-length, so now’s the perfect time to get
introduced to them!