ZOM – Flesh Assimilation

ZOM are a blackened death metal group from Dublin, Ireland. With their debut full-length album ‘Flesh Assimilatiion’ they join bands like their fellow Irish compatriots Malthusian in the fight to create the most cacophonous, cavernous death metal out there, and do a marvellous job of it, blending catchy, punishing riffs, with brutal vocals that demolish everything put before them, all amplified by rough, raw, loud production that sounds primitive and heavy as hell.

While ZOM don’t necessarily do much to reinvent the entire genre of death metal, one simply cannot deny the compelling nature of their sound. There is something totally honest about the rough nature of their sound: Sabbac hammers and smash away furiously behind his drumkit while guitarist Sodomaniac produces some of the heaviest, catchiest riffs heard this year. While some are a conventional (but still enjoyable) blackened death metal affair, other moments (particularly the last three tracks of this album) bring in influences from bands like Death and Slayer and make for some really memorable tracks.

This is an album I would highly recommend to all fans of the fringes of extreme metal. If you are into bands like Malthusian, Antediluvian, or Cruciamentum, I can’t recommend this highly enough. Tracks like ‘Conquest,’ ‘The Depths’, and the epic closer ‘Flesh Assimilation’ are simply too good for any self-respecting fan of extreme metal to resist. Moments of droning ambience and atmosphere intersperced between the auditory evisceration help to create a truly morbid atmosphere to this album. This is aided by the noisy and loud production which helps capture the energy and ferocity of the band. Despite the rough mix, the bass is very prominent, providing a deep, rumbling counterpart to the chugging and wailing of the guitar.

Special mention must also go out to the truly astonishing album artwork as well, courtesy of Zbigniew Bielak. While your mileage may vary on the generic nature of their sound, this album will undoubtedly get your head banging along ferociously, and is sure to please any and all fans of death metal.