Forndom – Flykt

I wanted to remind everyone of Forndom’s EP ‘Flykt’ and put together a few thoughts on it. Forndom draw particularly from Norse culture and folklore, nature, and Scandinavian history. What this results in is music that blends elements of dark ambient music with tribal, ritual, folk and neofolk music (and even a tiny dash of black metal) to create a highly engrossing, meditative set of songs. There’s even a dash of black metal here, from the atmosphere to some of the harsh vocals on the track ‘Flykt’. That track and ‘När Alvkungens rike faller samman’ are the highlights for me, but every track on here is phenomenal and truly unique.

Forndom’s art goes beyond just music and extends to photography, illustrations and poetry. All of it is collected on his Tumblr which is well worth taking some time to browse through. I may reblog some of his art from time to time on this blog because I think it would be of interest and some inspiration to fans of these kinds of topics.