Dead Congregation – “Sombre Doom”

Dead Congregation prove that it’s not necessarily about doing something first, it’s about doing it better than anyone else out there. There’s nothing ground-breaking or innovative about their music, but when a new release by them makes its way into the world, you’d better be paying attention.

Although this new EP is only about 14 minutes long, the quality of the music here cannot be doubted, and there’s a surprising amount of depth here. As with much of the band’s music, it’s as much about the raw feel of the song as anything else: the morbid, noxious atmosphere; the abrasive, brutally heavy textures of the music; the horrifying mental imagery it invokes through all of this and the lyrics.

“Dead wind howlingdc-sombre-doom-cover
Bodies bend like trees
Praying, kneeling, worshipping”

“Redemptive Immolation” is a nine minute death-doom juggernaut as violently heavy as its title suggests. It’s a slow, lumbering piece. Huge, crushing sections of death-laced doom metal, menacing guitar leads, pummeling rhythm sections, and guttural roars. It’s an abrasive and powerful listen that draws you in and refuses to let you go. The second track “Wind’s Bane” is a much more straight-forward, hard-hitting death metal piece. The riffs come thick and fast, lead guitars scream and wail in the distance. They’re powerful, simple ideas, executed well, and get the head banging as a natural reaction. V.V.’s performance on drums is stellar as always. His precision during the faster sections as well as his understanding of when to hold back keeps things varied.

The utterly monstrous, morbid atmosphere of this EP is enthralling. It reeks of death and decay.  While I wish it were longer, the obvious strength of the material here speaks for itself. It’s another commanding and powerful release from a band with absolute confidence in their own abilities. More of this, please.

Sombre Doom will be available to order from Martyrdoom Productions from November 7, 2016. The EP will be released on vinyl through Norma Evangelium Diaboli at a later date.