Teitanblood release new EP ‘Accursed Skin’

It’s always a morbid treat when the Spanish black/death metal masters in Teitanblood release new music. And today marks the release of their new EP ‘Accursed Skin’ on vinyl and digital formats through Norma Evangelium Diaboli. The EP consists of two tracks: The first track ‘Accursed Skin’ is brand new, and it absolutely crushes. The sinister piece thrashes between death metal and black metal, with churning, thunderous guitars and ferocious, echoing growls. It’s one of the most satisfying Teitanblood songs I’ve heard in a while, doubling down on creating a really creepy, occult atmosphere, while the mix allows the instruments a bit more room to breathe than on previous releases, tormented growls and screams rising from this dark aether and vanishing back into the darkness.

The second track ‘Sanctified Dysecdysis’ was originally only available on the band’s 2012 EP ‘Woven Black Arteries’, and is now available on vinyl for the first time. It’s a deeply unsettling, ferociously aggressive occult song. Its murky mix and booming percussion are an abrasive but satisfying listen, every bit as evil and serpentine as its name suggests. The percussion can best be described as the drums of war, battering and blasting a destructive path through a field of corpses.

You can listen to the album and download it on Bandcamp below, or order it directly from NoEvDia here.

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