Krallice release new album ‘Prelapsarian’

New York-based experimental black metal group Krallice have today released their sixth full-length album ‘Prelapsarian’. It features the track ‘Hate Power’ which was released last month through the Adult Swim Singles 2016 collection, as well as three other brand new songs. I’ve only had the chance to listen through the album once so far, but stylistically it seems like a return to the highly technical, densely composed black metal soundscapes of Years Past Matter and earlier works. It was a disorienting, fascinating listen, full of intricately woven guitar passages and unusual percussion. I think I was expecting and hoping for more of the death metal-influenced style they explored on last year’s Ygg Huur, but it really is hard to pass any sort of judgement on a Krallice album based on just one listen, so I shan’t even attempt it other than to say that I really enjoyed my first listen. You should expect a full review of the album at a later date. Meanwhile, you can stream and purchase the album on Bandcamp below.