Review: Devouring Star – “Antihedron”

Devouring Star’s new EP ‘Antihedron’ is the sound of worlds collapsing in on themselves, a black hole devouring a solar system. Antihedron describes “negative planes and shapes”, and discusses the three central concepts of birth, existence, and death. Each song serves to highlight a separate facet of the human experience, as beings whose experience extends across each plane of existence. The crushing, abrasive weight of Devouring Star‘s sound serves as the perfect vessel for the cold, malicious Satanic energies they channel through their music. Antihedron is Devouring Star‘s finest moment to date, and a forceful reminder of the power a record can wield when the music is given purpose through its message. Read on for the review.

AntihedronThe band’s sound is characterised as much by death metal as by black metal, but the sheer heft of their lumbering, destructive sound suggests doom, in its musical and conceptual forms. The droning, dissonant guitars have crunch and weight, the drums are subdued and tasteful where necessary, and the roars and screams give terrifying voice to the dark matters contained within.

On their previous record, 2013’s Through Lung and Heart, the band wore their Deathspell Omega influence on their sleeves. Antihedron sees the band come more into their own, rounding out a distinct sound that no longer bears the same resemblance to the anonymous French group as they used to. The record generally maintains a slow, even pace; the heavy, crushing force of their menacing arsenal is metered out coldly and patiently. But when Antihedron really commits to the full fury of their cause, the results are devastating, particularly on ‘Star Below’. The heft and tone of the guitars transforms every downtuned riff into a battering ram, the dissonant turmoil spreading chaos above the aggressive percussion, accentuated by haunting cries and screams.

The haunting, beautiful singing that opens the final track ‘Angel of Null’ are a prelude to the chaos to come. The central riff is utterly monstrous, its colossal mass tempered by dissonant, jarring riffs and a subdued solo. The atmosphere is suffocating and desolate, bereft of light and life.

“A whore rides the Earth in the form of a travesty, that what was intended as the image of God. Her blade has sunk deep and strong into the surface and it holds until the very end. Her children inhale the fumes of burning soil with unease, like as if fire would run out from the pits of hell or ash from incinerated bones and broken faith. They have grown blind to what they are.”

A fitting end to a devastating and powerful record. Single-minded in purpose, Devouring Star have crafted the most memorable record of their career so far.

Antihedron is available now in digital, CD, and vinyl formats through Dark Descent Records’ Bandcamp and webstore.