Californian blackened deathgrind/blisteringly-heavy-as-fuck band Plague Widow have returned from something of a hiatus. They released their stunning split EP with London’s Oblivionized, “This Black Earth”, in 2013, but in 2015 entered a period of inactivity, which they attribute to “many complications over the past couple years such as various lineup changes, relocating to another city, and set-backs in the recording studio”.

But they’re back with a new EP titled “Despair” comprised of eight tracks totalling 15 minutes of unreleased material recorded back in 2015. It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from Plague Widow; in other words, it’s some of the most disgustingly heavy, unrelentingly misanthropic metal ever spewed forth. The first seven tracks are a demented, visceral dose of grinding black/death unholiness, while the closing track “Drowning Within the Abyss” is a six-minute blackened doom dirge. It’s a crushing, devastating set of songs with all the fat trimmed away. It’s available through Bandcamp for just $5, and on a limited run of cassettes directly from the band here. Go support them.

And the good news continues: The band’s studio full-length album is still due to be released through Willowtip Records, and the band are “half way through the creative process”.

Yes. Fucking. Please. Plague Widow returning from the brink with new material and an upcoming full-length album is the best news I’ve heard all week.