Matthew LoweryMetal Void is a blog dedicated to unearthing and highlighting the best that heavy metal has to offer. This will primarily take the form of reviews, interviews, combinations of the two, as well as long-form feature pieces. I have no intention of updating this every single day just for the sake of it. I generally don’t write about music that I dislike, unless that dislike is in some sense quite a powerful one, or one which I think can help illuminate a separate argument I wish to make. I write about music when I feel I have something to contribute on the matter, when I feel strongly about an album, and want to share that with others. That will not happen with every record, even with those which I enjoy but don’t feel inspires anything particularly interesting.

I’m a student at the University of York, currently studying for an LLM in Legal & Political Theory. I graduated in 2017 with first class honours with distinction in Philosophy and Politics. I also infrequently contribute to other websites and publications on music and politics, and I am the Welfare Representative for The Fringe, York’s metal society. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram.